Decentralized p2p applications for the web and metaverse based on blockchain


  • Distribute data, layouts, and code on the blockchain.

  • Lockless architecture for multi core.

  • Portable binary modules for distributed processing.

  • Access application data in HTML apps or unity 3D engine.


  • HTML5 wallet with in browser cryptography.

  • Secure C runtime with garbage collection.

  • Signed Application data stored on blockchain.

  • Diffie Hellman key exchange for private data.


  • Blockchain parameters defined via simple script.

  • Fully featured HTTP application server with JSON/RPC.

  • Script language to generate HTML5/JS front end.

  • Create new application via HTML5 user interface.


  • Low memory footprint, and ressources uses.

  • Portable binary module suporting SIMD and SSE.

  • Full runtime in C with efficient memory management.

  • Rocksdb backend for maximum performance on SSD.

Build blockchain based HTML pages
Create a page

Low code HTML pages creation on the blockchain.

Build your web page!
GLTF NFT objects and dynamic 3D environment
decentralized social media
decentralized social media

Blog content and ecrypted messages.

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NFT cards
Cards NFT

3D card NFT.

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Audio synthetizer
Build Audio synthetizer

Create composable audio synths !

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HTML5 Wallet
HTML5 wallet

online wallet.

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Block explorer
block explorer

view block history of the blockchain.

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App manager
Application mannager

Mannage apps with html interface.

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Directed Acyclic Graph and functional composition

Exploit blockchain D.A.G. structure to represent functional composition, using inputs and hyper parameters from objects stored on the blockchain.

  • Distributed scientific computation
  • Distributed multimedia applications
  • Neural networks
  • Smart grids

Generated sample

Network informations

Below are informations about the network.

mining info

staking info

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Fullnode binaries


Source on github

Node informations
Node informations

Information on the node

Node informations
Nodix framework internal

Information on the inside

Nodix framework

HTML5 Webapp framework

2022 Q1
  • Developpement of unity 3D client
  • Developpement of web wallet interface UX
  • Atomic swaps
  • Bug tracking and fix
2022 Q2
  • Mainnet Deployment
  • Mining pool Deployement
  • Listing on exchanges
2022 Q3
  • Developpement of metaverse ecosystem
  • Promotion to attract content creators
  • Deployement of more nodes

The Team

Antoine Bentue Ferrer Photo
Antoine bentue-ferrer

I have been programming various things since i'm teen, programmed video games in turbo pascal in the 90's, and participated in various underground cyber culture like demo scene and electronic music, and programmed OGG/OGM streaming plugin for browsers and gift registry systems in the early 2000's (cedelia LLC). Participated in the web industry for several years. Blockchain and Virtual Reality enthusiast.