Distributed HTML5 web applications based on blockchain


  • Distribute data, layouts, and code on the blockchain.

  • Lockless architecture for multi core.

  • Portable binary modules for distributed processing.

  • Access application data in HTML5 apps.


  • HTML5 wallet with in browser cryptography.

  • Secure C runtime with garbage collection.

  • Signed Application data stored on blockchain.

  • Diffie Hellman key exchange for private data.


  • Blockchain parameters defined via simple script.

  • Fully featured HTTP application server with JSON/RPC.

  • Script language to generate HTML5/JS front end.

  • Create new application via HTML5 user interface.


  • Low memory footprint, and ressources uses.

  • Portable binary module suporting SIMD and SSE.

  • Full runtime in C with efficient memory management.

  • Lockless access to global data between threads / cores.

Boostrap your own blockchain in minutes

Simple configuration files, and modules for wallet and blockexplorer with simple customisable HTML5 layouts.

HTML5 Wallet
HTML5 wallet

online wallet.

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Block explorer
HTML5 block explorer

block explorer.

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Decentralized application demos

distributed raytracing

Try out distributed raytracing with vectorial data stored on the blockchain and webGL front end.

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decentralized social media

Try out blog content stored on the network and crypted private messages.

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decentralized audio card game

Try decentralised game of 3D card with audio generation.

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Data creation and property transfer using cryptography

Wallet address used as decentralized identifiant with cryptographic signature.

Representation of decentralized data creation and property transfer using cryptographic signatures.


blockchain governance model

Decentralize auhtority on data property and token emissions using peer 2 peer transactions.

centralized app model
  1. proof of work (miners). Roll a nonce in header with merkkle root of transactions until the computed hash match difficulty.
  2. proof of stake(token owners). Roll time in transaction referencing a stake amount until the hash match weigthed difficulty.
  3. proof of authority(private chain). Provide proof of trusted authority ( signature, domain, network address).

Remove intermediates between users and blockchain

Full application stack including mobile compliant HTML5 front end can be stored on the blockchain using cryptographic signatures.

Exploit asymetric cryptography for applications management of user data and permissions.

Application definitions and permissions based on cryptographic signature

Blockchain can be used to store hierarchised data with permissions based on ownership proven by cryptographic signature.

Applications are created with initial configuration and permissions associated with the master key, which allow to add new types definitions used to represent object access on the blockchain, store HTML5 layouts and scripts to generate web pages with dynamic data, and define complex access schemes based on type definitions, smart contracts and asymetric cryptography.

Tutorial on application management via the wallet interface

Safe portable binary code

  1. Multi thread managed memory with garbage collection.
  2. Dynamic typing and reactive functional programming (events, generic procedure, continuations ) .
  3. Portable binary modules for data and code encapsulation.
  4. Interoperable with formats and protocols for the web (HTML5, RPC-JSON, EVENT SOURCES, HTTP), parallelization of asynchronous client calls.

Sandboxed script

  1. Script interpreter with sandboxed mannaged memory with garbage collection.
  2. Oriented toward web programming ( generation of web pages, dynamic data sources, event sources )
  3. Interoperable with binary modules for parallelization and maximum performances.

Easily develop and deploy portables secures distributed applications based on blockchain technology.

Directed Acyclic Graph and functional composition

Exploit blockchain D.A.G. structure to represent functional composition, using inputs and hyper parameters from objects stored on the blockchain.

  • Distributed scientific computation
  • Distributed multimedia applications
  • Neural networks
  • Smart grids

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Node informations
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The Team

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Antoine bentue-ferrer

I have been programming various things since i'm teen, programmed video games in turbo pascal in the 90's, and participated in various underground cyber culture like demo scene and electronic music, and programmed OGG/OGM streaming plugin for browsers.

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